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Bring Out The Potential In Your Manuscript With Critical Book Review And Consultation From Us

Your first draft is never perfect but just the first step of your author’s journey. Development of a manuscript requires a keen eye of an editor. We offer creative supervision to pull you out of the stuck points and loopholes in the plot. From creating a book outline, synopsis to chapters, we provide progressive guidance to get it done on time in accordance with your requirement. We have a team of expert writers, experienced editors, and professional publishers to help you enhance the reader’s experience. With us, quality is not an option. It comes as part of service.

Serving bestselling authors as a leading publishing house around the globe

The team behind Auto Book Bots is here to take your ideas and transform them into meticulously written, edited, designed and published books.
From professional editing, video trailers, book covers, book design, eBook files, publishing, printing, ebook distribution, PR, book marketing, we do it all for you.
We define our services and achievements in terms of creativity, on-time delivery, unique content, plagiarism free content, client satisfaction and confidentiality.
With our experience and expertise, we have the best plan to write, edit, publish and market your book.

Our Process

Helping you to turn your rough draft into bestsellers without any hassle as a professional ghostwriting agency in the USA for more than a decade.


We schedule one-on-one calls with our clients to probe and acquire all information along with their requirements for your project. We record your calls with your consent for conveying your voice and style to the writers.


Our writers listen to your recordings, review your briefs and requirements and conduct a detailed research before designing the right strategy for your project.


We deliver a completed project scope along with outline within three days of your signup. Once you approve it, your first draft is delivered within a week.


After all it’s your book, so your input is must. We only proceed to next chapter after catering your feedback, revisions and suggestions.


Once we have completed your manuscript, your draft is forwarded to senior editor and proofreader for formatting, final fixes, and layout adjustment.


Once your manuscript is ready, we connect you with the expert publishing and marketing consultants to devise the best marketing and publishing strategy for your book.


Our fifteen years of experience summed up as a publishing house straight from the vault


Customer satisfaction is everything. We have satisfied clientele around the globe. When words can't do justice with our portfolio, our clients do. Their reviews speak for us.

This is one amazing ghostwriting agency

This is one amazing ghostwriting agency with talented writers. I tried many writers and got disappointment every time. Fortunately, came across this writing agency named Auto Book Bots and approached them to enquire about ghost writing packages. I assigned them the work. I got myself a book written, and their ghost writers exceeded my expectations by far. I am happy how they dealt with everything, best!

Jeffrey Morris

One of the best publishing agency

One of the best publishing agency? I did not know the criteria of getting a book published on Amazon, and this is the only platform I knew that publishes books. I messaged at Auto Book Bots to get to know about their package and found out that these guys are pros especially Charlie Brown, at least this what it seemed like. They got my book published successfully after formatting it according to the requirements of the respective platforms. Best work guys!

Lawrence Brown

Impressive Video Trailer

I never thought video trailers could make such a difference for your book release until Auto Book Bots made one for me. It was interactive enough to provide visuals for my penned-down story. People were banana over that trailer for my book. A job well done!

Robert J. Ramsey

I am shocked with the results!

my author website was literally out of this world! i fired my personal website team at work and replaced them with these people. Amazing job guys. keep up the good work. The SEO team got me soooo many sales as well.

Justin White

I am glad I choose AutoBookBots as my…

I am glad I choose AutoBookBots as my publishers. They really made my first time publishing a smooth and fun job. I am writing my second book now and they are the first people i would give it to!

Dan Miller

World Class Service *.*

My project manager was so patient with me and he guided me through each and every single part of the process. process is real friendly and loved the website they made for me. HATS OFF AUTO BOOK BOTS!

Dr. Linkon

I had a wonderful experience with auto…

I had a wonderful experience with auto book bots, they have the best professional writers and the project managers are really helpful and sweet, looking forward to working with them in future. Best of luck team auto book bots :)

James Carter

I published my first book!

I submitted my manuscript to different editors and publishing houses to finalize it but none of them were able to satisfy me and finish it on time. But AutoBookBots made it possible for me in time! Thank you so much! I would recommend working with them.

Rebecca Brown



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