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Ghost Writing Professionals Inspired by Creativity

Do you have a romance story in your heart? Perhaps a mystery in your mind? Whether you want to convert your thoughts into a genre-defying masterpiece of literary work, auto book bots book writing services are best to go with. We have professional content creators and ghost writers who accomplish your book writing work related to any genre and publish it. Our writing network is vast that consists of many expert authors and editorial specialists who help you to achieve your goals. All our writers are award-winning who have given proven services in the world of writing.

Our ghost book writers are capable to produce an incredible piece of writing regardless of manuscript nature. Whether you need a novel, self-help book, children's storybook, novel, mystery, fiction, ghostwriting, biography, or anything, we can help. At Auto Book Bots, we know how to transform ordinary words into captivating stories with a lot of twists. Hence, our writers have specialized in all genres thus written and published many best-seller works. Connect with us to get the best ghost written books today!


If you are looking for the best book writing websites, you are at the right place! We are providing the ultimate solutions to fulfill your writing and publication needs. You can choose us for writing a book online related to anything. We have the best ghostwriters and eBook writers to hire that work with innovation and creativity to produce inspirational content that captivates your reader’s heart. Our services range from book writing, development to publication. Hence, the prices vary according to the work. Our writing team and authors collaborate with you very at every step and welcome suggestions. With our reliable and best custom writing services, you can transform your ideas into a reality. We offer a range of services to businesses, brands, and individuals!

Ghostwriting Services

Every writing that inspires readers must be originated from creativity and imagination. At Auto Book Bots, we invite you to share your story with the world by taking our top-notch ghostwriting services. We are among the leading book writing websites that offers ghostwriting solutions to all industries. Our ghost writers have mastered all writing styles and genres ranging from romance to comedy, mystery to gothic, fiction to non-fiction. Political to business, biography to memoir, and everything. We possess infinite capabilities to write and deliver influential content in all spheres. With us, you can get the bestseller ghostwriter books that we write after considerable planning, research and brainstorming while relying on premium writing styles.

Ebook Writing Services

In a hunt for top-notch eBook writing services? You are in the right place. Ebooks have encountered a great boost as they are more accessible to the readers. At Auto Book Bots, there are the best eBook writers for hire that help you to promote your ideas and story in front of the world. Our eBook ghostwriting services are reliable and affordable. However, our eBook writers understand your concerns very well and form all types of Ebooks that influence readers. Writing a book online is a smooth, efficient and fast process with us as we have excelled in it. We work with the aim to provide unique and powerful content based on the ideas and preferences of our clients while following the strategic writing approach. Our team has a complete knowledge of eBook formatting and structuring that allows us to make successful eBooks.

Author Website Design

Strengthen your online presence with our incredible Author Website Design services that are specially designed to cater to all your requirements. As an author, you can revolutionize your career with our high-end website designs that captivate the attention of visitors easily. Our website designers are highly experienced and knowledgeable who create highly functional, safe, innovative, and influential websites that will make your internet appearance strong. However, we offer affordable, reliable, and fully custom author website design that will significantly improve your customer’s experience. The author website we design comes with many remarkable features such as responsiveness, author’s biography content, blog page, media pages, fast, user-friendly, and more.

Book Publishing Services

At Auto Book Bots, we not only write for you but also manage the publication of a manuscript. Our book publishing services are highly reliable and efficient which makes your book a reach of readers easily. We understand that self-publishing a book is not an easy task thus provide incredible help in this regard. Our publishing agents have specialized in publishing books on all platforms regardless of book type and genre. From start to end, we take full control of book publishing successfully. We ensure to make your book or writing piece available on all channels while making it notable by the readers. With our top-notch publication approach, we have helped many writers to become award-winning writers.

Editing, Proofreading & Formatting

Delivery flawless, unique, and well-written content is our specialty. We provide expert content editing, proofreading, and formatting services to make your manuscript error-free. From major to minor, our professional content and book editors analyze the whole content with a keen eye. However, we offer comprehensive editing solutions based on the mistakes we found. The proofreading and editing time depends on the project's nature and length thus our rates are highly affordable. To remove small grammatical and syntax mistakes, we rely on great tools that leave not even a single mistake in the text. Our company has significant experience in proofreading and editing books of all genres. Also, we convert a simple-written text into the best format by making paragraphs, sections, inserting proper symbols, punctuations, and more.

Book Marketing Services

Be among the bestselling authors by taking our outstanding book marketing services. We help you to stay on the top of all search engines while gaining the right attention for your manuscript. For this, our expert marketing team relies on effective promotional strategies that will keep you ahead in the competition. We work with the aim to make your book a top-selling by enhancing its visibility on all platforms. Our top-notch marketing and branding efforts let you enjoy desirable sales. Also, this gives you a chance to connect with potential readers without wasting time. We offer reliable and affordable book marketing solutions that allow you to gain remarkable outcomes with a little investment.

Book Cover Design

A book cover plays a vital role to influence customers so they pick your book up to read. Creating an attractive and innovative book cover is an essential part of our book publishing and marketing strategies. We have a lot of contemporary book cover samples and templates. However, you can also get a fully custom book cover design that goes with your book theme. Hence, our designers deliver inspiring designs that engage readers even at the first glance. We understand your preferences and needs very well thus provide extraordinary cover designing solutions for all books including novels, comics, mysteries, gothic fiction, political or business writing, autobiography, memoir, and more. With our perfectly-crafted book covers, you can arouse the reader’s interest.

Book Review and Consultation

Hire our professional book editors and consultants who provide a critic's review for your book by analyzing it proficiently. At Auto Book Bots, we have a skilled and talented team of writers and editors who can easily detect all types of writing issues in a text and ensure professional editing to make content flawless. We work to attain a high level of customer satisfaction by bringing perfection to your manuscript. Our services include critic reviews, rephrasing, proofreading, elimination of grammatical and structural mistakes, and more. Also, we are 24/7 available to answer all your queries thus provide the best consultancy to address all your writing and editing concerns in a text.

From our Book Shelf

Our experienced and skilled content creators have marked excellence in all literary realms by writing, developing, and publishing books related to multiple industries. We proficiently ghost a book and helped many people achieve their dreams by putting up a span of creativity on their thoughts. With our vast knowledge, insights, and experience, we got the privilege to form exclusive writing pieces and books that inspire readers. We amalgamate your vision with our words to make your dreams a reality. Our whole team works to attain 100% customer satisfaction by capturing your vision well to give it the best writing form. Like many others, we ensure that your book will become a tremendous success.

Achieve your Writing & Publishing Goals with Our

Achieve your Writing & Publishing Goals with Our

We have helped many people to become well-known writers with our high-end ghostwriting services. Our team works with quality and excellence to form bestselling books and writing pieces. All our ghostwriters for hire are highly experienced who are capable to cater to all your authorization needs. We have completed and published many successful projects and confident to continue the success story. Auto Book Bots firmly believes in providing high-level writing work to clients that will go beyond their expectations. Customer satisfaction is our priority throughout the writing, editing, and publishing process. Moreover, we keep our clients fully updated to deliver excellent work as per their preferences.


100% Unique & Creative Writing

We guarantee 100% unique and engaging custom writing services to all industries. Whether you want a novel, personal, political, business, or any other writing, we offer phenomenal support. Our writers ghost a book with much quality and creativeness while making remarkable research related to your topic in to professionally transform your idea into a convincing book.


Experienced & Knowledgeable Ghostwriters

Our team consists of some of the most creative, experienced, and brilliant ghostwriters who fully understand your theme, plot, ideas and narrative thus convert them into influential words. However, they have the potential to originate a well-written book. Our ghost book writers can provide writing services in all genres while exceeding excellence.


Many Time Revisions & Editing

Our team offers 24/7 consultations to address all your concerns and queries. We work to attain 100% customer satisfaction however to attain this we keep you updated at every step of writing. You can check everything in detail and ask us for revisions and editing until you get fully pleased.

0 Native WRITERS

How do we work?

If you have a brilliant idea in your mind and you want to turn it into a book form to get incredible success as a writer, we can help. We have specialized in creating manuscripts that will always be remembered by your readers. At Auto Book Bots, we have a brilliant team of ghostwriters to hire that excellently handle a book writing process for you. We endeavor to tell your story in a most inspiring and captivating way as we have vast experience in this field. However, our team has specialized in writing books and writing pieces of all genres. Our ghost book writing procedure is rapid, efficient and perfectly managed which allows us to form the bestselling ghost written book.

Meeting & Research

After receiving an order, we schedule a meeting with you to fully understand your ideas, preferences, and thoughts. We then hand over your project to our expert ghostwriter who starts making an outline. Our team of writers make considerable research related to your book themes and plots to create a masterpiece. From the initial information you provided, our ghostwriters prepare a rough draft. However, we ensure to work according to our client’s needs and preferences by following their ideas. To transform those ideas into an exceptional book form, we conduct deep research thus rely on authentic sources to deliver incredible ghost writing services. Our ghostwriters have mastered writing all fictional, non-fictional, literary, business, political, and all sorts of work.

Content Creation & Review

After creating a draft, we start professional, 100% unique and error-free writing to make your ideas a reality. With us, you will be able to get an exquisitely written book as our writers work with a great intellectual approach and knowledge. We combine our writing excellence with your concepts. Hence, our ghostwriters write and conceptualize things based on the information you provide. Throughout the process, we keep you updated as we believe in a transparent writing process. This allows you to change, replace or add anything in a book. We aim to provide flawless, inspirational, and engaging writing by making proper sections while following the best sentence structure and rich vocabulary. After completion of the writing work, our writers go through the formatting and reviewing process to form the bestselling book.

Publishing & Promotion

We print or publish the book online as per your demand thus make an effective promotional and marketing plan to make your book reachable to a wide range of readers. Before publicizing the book, we create an attractive book cover design related to your book topic and theme. Hence, we give you a complete authorization of a book after the project completion. You will have all the ownership rights thus the book will be known by your name. Also, we provide eBook publishing services on multiple platforms. To make your book reachable and famous, our team makes considerable marketing strategies. However, we ensure a fast and reliable book publication process without any delay.

Become a successful published author today

Pursue your author dream with our unparalleled book writing services


Book Author's Reviews

We have delivered many successful projects to our clients and always received appreciation for our working excellence, professionalism, and quality writing. Our clients say many things related to our services!

Amazing Ghost Writing Services

Auto Book Bots offer amazing ghostwriting work. My experience with the company was commendable as they provide great support and help from start to end. Their writing skills are so convincing because of which I received a huge response for my book. They utilized my ideas so well and make an outstanding writing piece out of them.

Jeffrey Morris

Professional & Cooperative Team

Thank you for the remarkable support and excellent book. All the team is highly professional and friendly who listen to my suggestions and feedbacks calmly and make revisions whenever I asked. Along with the work, I’m highly impressed by the good behavior and consultation of the team.

Robert J. Ramsey

Great Writing Skills

I had an auspicious novel idea in my mind that I wanted to put into words for a long time but couldn’t do that because of a busy routine. However, Auto book bots resolved the issue very well. Their writing skills are truly excellent. Also, they managed the editing, formatting, and publication work on their own while updating me about everything. Thank you so much for your incredible ghostwriting services!

Justin White

Fully Satisfied Work

Publishing a book under my name was my passion that Auto Book Bots fulfilled very well. They exceed my expectations by writing in such an outstanding way. Completely satisfied with the work!

Lawrence Brown

Achieved Writing Goals

A very helpful and brilliant ghostwriting company that makes my book writing and publication so smooth. The way they write engages readers completely. Auto book bots excellently transform my dreams into a reality. Always grateful to them!

Dan Miller

Versatile & Reliable Ghost Writing Focused on Success

Our company always works with professionalism, brilliance, and creativity to form manuscripts that deliver your thoughts and ideas under our inspiring words to attain full customer satisfaction. We ensure that you will get the book in the way you perceived it to be.

We aim to give your ideas a form of reality by converting them into an inspiring piece of writing while using an excellent approach that keeps the readers fully involved in each part so that your book remains a bestseller on the shelves and online.

We have a vast experience in ghostwriting and publishing. Romance, mystery, entrepreneurial, autobiography, and all, there is nothing our writers have not excelled in however we have delivered proven works in all the genres that make us the best ghostwriting company to work with.

Ghostwriting is not a piece of cake. This is a challenging task that we manage excellently at Auto Book Bots. Our genius and cheap ghostwriters for hire let you achieve the desired position as a writer in the market as they convert ideas into fabulous stories and words that leave readers in an inspirational state. Hence, we use such outstanding writing techniques and sentence structures that transform an ordinary concept into a master writing piece. Our company has a proven writing and publication record in all genres.

  • Quality & Engaging Content
  • Extensive Knowledge and Research
  • On-time delivery & Publications
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 100% Content Ownership

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions About Ghostwriters

A ghostwriting refers to a practice in which professional writers create content or write a book for an individual or a business thus charge money for that. In a ghostwriter book, clients share their concepts and ideas that are converted into influential stories and words by the writers. However, the book is published under the name of the client.
You can hire a ghostwriter online by contacting the expert team of Auto Book Bots. You can check our skills by going through our ghost written books portfolio. Our ghost writers are proficient in writing all sorts of books and manuscripts. After you place your order with us, we will get back to you to gather information related to the book topic. After finalizing the payment, we will hand over your project to our talented and experienced writers.
The cost varies as per the project type, number of words, nature, and many other factors. However, we offer affordable and reliable ghostwriting and publication services to clients. Request a free quote now to place your order.
The average time of writing a book range from 150 to 180 days. However, the time may vary according to the project length, nature, and the research required to complete the order. Our ghostwriters are capable to complete your project on time without any delay.
No, the ghostwritten book will be published under your name as you are the author of a book. We give all the authorities and ownership rights to the clients after payments. Our company strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of non-disclosure agreement however our writers take no credits.
Our ghostwriting services are transparent and reliable. Hence, the ghostwriters on our team do not demand any royalties or shares. They write books and manuscripts thus get a decided fee for that.
Yes, our services are 100% reliable and secure. We are highly concerned about the information you shared with us and keep it fully protected from start to end. Our company works according to a nondisclosure agreement and never goes against it.
Ghost writers are authors who write books, novels, and other writing pieces for you based on your concepts and ideas. They are called ghost writers as they work as invisible writers who never take credit for a book written for you. The book will be published under your name.
We offer hassle-free book publishing services on all platforms so that you get the right attention from readers. Also, we imply excellent marketing and branding techniques to promote your book on a significant level.
Auto Book Bots have a professional team of ghost writers and content creators. You can contact us via call, email, chat, or WhatsApp to get a professional ghostwriter for your project.

Tell Your Story to the World with us!

If you have a great story in mind that you want to share with the world but do not know how to write, do not worry! We have got you covered in this regard. Ghostwriting services provided by us can be an incredible solution to your problem. You do not need to keep your story confined to you as we offer incredible ghost writing solutions. With the help of our brilliant and experienced ghostwriters for hire, you can get a well-written novel, book, or any other piece of writing under your name. We originate books solely based on your concepts and ideas to which we give a voice.

Be the Bestselling Author

Only you will get the credits and ownership rights for all the writing works done by our writers. We will write for you, become your voice thus transform your ideas into reality without taking any credits. Hence, we are committed to writing and publishing bestselling books that influence readers. A manuscript or book written by our ghostwriters will be published under your name while making you a successful author. Also, we strictly follow all the rules and regulations written on a nondisclosure agreement.

Our Ghostwriters Write in all Genres

Do you want to publish a bestseller book under your name? If yes then hire a ghost writer with us. Our ghostwriters possess vast knowledge and experience to work on your ideas to convert them into an inspiring book. At Auto Book Bots, we are available to fulfill all your writing needs as we have mastered all writing styles. Whether you want us to write autobiography, novel, gothic fiction, mystery, romance, business writing, political writing, memoir or anything, we can handle all with excellence. Before writing, we conduct an ample researches thus rely on authentic information and sources. However, we keep the client’s concepts and ideas in mind and work accordingly. Get ghostwriting services in all genres by our experts!

Get Your Book Written & Published Now!

If you lack writing skills but have a rich imagination and an abundance of ideas to convert into writing, do it now with us. We are among the top ghost book writing websites that give you a chance to emerge as a bestselling author by taking our professional writing services. Our proficient ghostwriters are capable to make your thoughts and ideas alive in their exceptional writing and publish to convey them to readers. No matter the niche, idea, genre, or message, Auto Book Bots have the potential to turn your vision into a reality. We have the best team of writers who understand your preferences very well and work accordingly. Hence, we incorporate your ideas with our concepts excellently.



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