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Who are we?

We are a publishing house comprised of high-performing qualified ghostwriters, an experienced editor, and professional publishers tuned to deliver results. From a rough draft to a published book, we fulfill all your writing needs as professional ghostwriting services in the USA. The team behind Auto Book bots is here to take your ideas and transform them into meticulously written, edited, designed, and published books.

We are recognized for making your journey successful as a published author. Navigate your way through the world of content creation with our ghostwriting services.

Customer satisfaction is everything

Where words don’t do justice to our portfolio, our clients do. We’ve established ourselves in the industry as a leading publishing house in several different countries and have worked with thousands of clients all over the world.

We pen it down like our own story

If numbers could define our performance and achievements …

Timely Delivery
Unique Content
Customer Satisfaction
Plagiarism Free Content
Become a successful published author today

Pursue your author dream with our unparalleled book writing services


Versatile & Reliable Ghost Writing Focused on Success

Our company always works with professionalism, brilliance, and creativity to form manuscripts that deliver your thoughts and ideas under our inspiring words to attain full customer satisfaction. We ensure that you will get the book in the way you perceived it to be.

We aim to give your ideas a form of reality by converting them into an inspiring piece of writing while using an excellent approach that keeps the readers fully involved in each part so that your book remains a bestseller on the shelves and online.

We have a vast experience in ghostwriting and publishing. Romance, mystery, entrepreneurial, autobiography, and all, there is nothing our writers have not excelled in however we have delivered proven works in all the genres that make us the best ghostwriting company to work with.

Ghostwriting is not a piece of cake. This is a challenging task that we manage excellently at Auto Book Bots. Our genius and cheap ghostwriters for hire let you achieve the desired position as a writer in the market as they convert ideas into fabulous stories and words that leave readers in an inspirational state. Hence, we use such outstanding writing techniques and sentence structures that transform an ordinary concept into a master writing piece. Our company has a proven writing and publication record in all genres.

  • Quality & Engaging Content
  • Extensive Knowledge and Research
  • On-time delivery & Publications
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 100% Content Ownership



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